Thursday, May 31, 2007

Label it!

I try to label my quilts, often I fail~ There is a woman in my guild who does fabulous labels on all her quilts. She usually types them onto fabric, and they nearly always are part of a block or applique to match the front. Some day I will stomp on her hands.

oops, did I type that out loud? Really I strive to be like that, but mainly my labels are piece of muslin or white fabric with quick writing on them saying who they are for and who made them (me, duh) Though once in a while I do a good one. The one in this picture was made for a mother at my daughters school who was fighting breast cancer. She is in remission thank goodness. I did a floral lap quilt for her, and my sweet favorite cousin quilted it for us. I knew I had seen a ribbon paper pieced block and I had to do that for the label. Of course I had not saved it or printed it and I spent nearly as long searching online to find the pattern as I did making the quilt! But in the end I really was happy with it. You can also see my "pieced back". snicker


Kim said...

You made me laugh! How mean you can be! LOL! But how sweet too--love the label and the thought behind the quilt.

Alycia said...

That is an awesome label. That is very nice of you to think of the other mother as well - you are a sweetie!

I do a lot of just writing on the quilt back - so you should be quite proud of you!!!

Susan Freebery said...

"Stomp her hands!" Now THAT makes me smile.