Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is making me smile!

A lot of things are making me smile lately. My new job for one. My good friends including my blog-sister from Florida. And the weather! Here are some pictures that are making me smile. The first is my Iris bed, I call it that, but it also has Peony's, Roses, Hostas, Violets, and Tulips. What I should have done is taken a before picture for you all to see. The weeds and grass were completely covering ALL the flowers, but today, daughter number two helped me weed them all out, trim, and clean up. Now those Peony's and Iris' can go to town!
The second picture is what is left of the pie I made yesterday afternoon. Rhubarb custard. Even daughter number 3 who doesn't like pie ate a piece!

The last picture is of the band director at daughter number 4's school. This was taken at the parade on Monday. I'm telling you, a nun marching down the street in tennis shoes and that big smile just has to make you smile back!


Kim said...

Seems like everyone's getting their gardens in order except me! Oh, and baking--geez, don't even go there. I failed at that this weekend! I'm envious! But yeah, I can smile at the nun on parade! LOL!

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, Mare YOU so make me smile! I love the Marching Nun, I love the flower bed, and the pie is exactly what I need right now! Thanks for sharing the joy with me, your very happy Blog Sister from Florida!

Susan Freebery said...

Is that a lilac bush???? Oh, please say it is. I adore lilacs -they are my favorite northern flower and I miss them so. You have to go outside and stand there and sniff until you can't sniff another sniff since I can't stand under the lilacs and sniff for myself anymore! BIG HUGE SNIFFS!

atet said...

Oh, yeah, garden. Need to do something about the weed infested containers I have out on the patio.

Love the marching nun -- what a great time she's having!