Monday, September 10, 2007

Eleven more sleeps!

Can you imagine honest to goodness real peace and quiet?
Can you imagine no talking for 2 days?
No answering questions, no answering phones, no giving directions or telling anyone what they need to do?

I can!! For the past 13 years I have gone on a silent retreat once a year. Does the idea of no talking scare you? It scares a few of my friends, but I LOVE IT!!! I feel soooooooo relaxed and renewed when those two days are over. Could it be having my meals cooked for me? Or having all the dishes magically cleaned up? Could it be NO PHONES?? It's all those things and so much more! St. Anthony's visit it here, is an awesome, wonderful, peaceful place where you can let the spirit speak to your soul.

99% of those retreats have been with my good friend Cookie, and 1 was with my dad. They have all been wonderful. I like to take along my art supplies and draw outside, something I don't normally take time to do in my real life. And yes, I have even brought quilting with me! Once I brought a wall hanging I was working on for Cookie so I could tell her that I had quilted it at our favorite spots.
Eleven more sleeps! I can hardly wait!


atet said...

Have a great time on your retreat. No phones, no interruptions, no talking -- ya know, I think I could do that!

Sweet P said...

No phones, no interruptions, no talking. Sounds intriguing. I could do all that if I could have my computer with me. Enjoy your retreat.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Leigh said...

There are days when I would give anything for the peace and days when I think I would go mad.
I know you will love it and I know how much it means to you.
Enjoy every minute of it, it will be good for your soulxx

Jeanne said...

It sounds like a wonderful two days ahead for you. I've never heard of a retreat like this, but I don't think I would have trouble with the no talking if I could have a project or book along. Have a terrific time!

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, man, sign me up too!

Kathy Wagner said...

It sounds heavenly!

Kim said...

I'm not sure about the no talking, but the rest sounds wonderful! I think I'd have to have maybe a little bit of talking. Or maybe not. At least no one would think you were rude if you didn't feel like engaging in inane chatter! LOL!