Friday, September 21, 2007

No More Sleeps!

Retreat day is here! wooooo hoooooooo

I can't believe how fast this week went!!! Erlack and Egad, I did not get everything done I wanted to get done. Okay, so that is pretty much par for my personal course. Wait, it's okay Flori! I did manage to get my sleep pants done and they are in my bag waiting to go with me. :-)

I'm posting these pictures from St. Anthony's so you can imagine me walking around here. I'll take some pictures of my other favorite spots and hopefully post those when I get back.


Kathy Wagner said... talking!
Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Nicole and Phil said...

enjoy the retreat, I hope you geta bit of hand sewing done! I guess taking the sewing machine was out ofthe question ;)

Susan Freebery said...

YEAH!!!! I can't wait to get home and put mine on too so I can imagine us matching at that moment! Yeah, Whiskey Girl!
P.S. NYC and Boston were fabulous - a wonderful, wonderful five days.