Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More paintings

Thank you all for the nice comments, and the lovely emails. I got some requests for more paintings so here is part of my gallery. ;-)

This one is rather large, it takes up most of one wall in our bedroom. I love painting BIG! ;-)

Also large, this is my first abstract. I would tell you what it started as, but then that is all you would see, instead of whatever it brings into your own mind..........

These are my jaunt into some portraits. I also have a couple more nudes, one that was actually commissioned (yeah me!) but I wasn't sure if that would go over too big online. Some people are funny about that, and used to make comments when they saw them at our house. I guess maybe there is no age limit on immaturity?

I haven't gotten much done on the quilting front lately. I am in the process of working on 3 quilted purses that were ordered. When they are finished there will be pictures- I promise! Fall has come to

Wisconsin! Earlier in the week it was hot and humid with record highs of 87° and today we are just breaking 40°. Long time Wisconsinites always say, "if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes".


Jen in KS said...

Maybe that is a saying applicable to all the Midwest; I've heard it said about Kansas, too, all my life...and its variation "If you don't like the weather, move down the road half a mile.".

Lovely paintings, by the way. They are calming; they remind me of how I see the world when I take off my glasses whenever I need to give my sore eyes and achy head some relief. (That's one good thing about having severe nearsightedness--I can fuzz out the world with a gesture.)

Kim said...

wow!! you are very talented in more ways than one. I think you need to paint fabric too!!!

Susan Freebery said...

Three words: YOU ARE AMAZING!

Leigh said...

You are just soooooooo talented. Is there no end to it? I love the clouds.
Go you good thing!!!!

Kathy Wagner said...

You are so creative! Wow! Now I must say that I am dying to know what the second painting started out as...come on, tell us!!
Do you paint fabric too?!?