Sunday, October 21, 2007

Much progress!

Yesterday I got to work on the baby quilt some more and I got the little border on and the outer border on, and the quilting done! I will need to go back to the quilt shop for some more of the red to bind it with, because it just looks to me like that is what it really needs. I am loving these 30's repro fabrics, and I never used to like them at all! My cousin says the baby is just a sweet little bundle and so pink and cuddly. So I with her red hair I feel like this quilt is perfect since it's both pink and red.
Today I spent some time brushing and taking care of various pets. The bunny really needed his little toenails trimmed, and the dog had about 81 burrs in his tail. Then I spent some time sitting in the sun with all of them. The dog doesn't show up in this picture because he always has to be right next to me. You would think with three leashes they might get a bit tangled up but they don't. They DO get wound around the chair legs though. And of course, I started picturing a quilt with their leashes going all over it.


Kathy Wagner said...

Marvellous baby quilt Mare! When do we get to see a photo of the baby in it?!?

Sewbaby said...

I love the quilt! But I really love the photo with the kitties and sweet.


Susan Freebery said...

Oh, my goodness is that a WONDERFUL quilt! And, yes, it does scream for the red to bind it! I can't wait to sit on the porch with the leashed "zoo" you have there in Wisconsin. How fun!

swooze said...

Lovely baby quilt. I agree...RED!

Love the family photo. It is neat that rabbits can be leashed too!

Mary said...

What a great little baby quilt! Love it!