Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's a Happy Halloween for my quilting daughter Vanessa! Her top is finished! Vanessa designed and executed (good word for Halloween right?) the top all herself.
Some of the blocks are from the pattern crazy eights, the applique ones are designs she drew and gave to me to execute. ;-) I'm thinking of quilting some BIG black Spider webs with spiders in the larger orange pieces that she used for spacers.
So we are going to do the sandwiching and pinning tonight.
This would be my least favorite part of quilting. I much much prefer to send a top, a backing and some batting to my favorite cousin and have her do all the putzy lining up work.

But, I should be able to manage this quilt on my regular machine. (what

am I? nuts?) And not give her any more work right now. If we lived closer I would take it

right to her and then offer to hold the baby and cook supper so she could quilt it for me. Of course we all know who would get the better end of that deal!
As you can see Vanessa is all ready to wrap up in her new quilt, it will be perfect to cuddle under when watching scary Halloween movies~

Today was flu shot day and I'm not sure if that is a trick or a treat.

Oh anyway- HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


swooze said...

Nice quilt! Can't wait to see how it looks when it is quilted.

Susan Freebery said...

Love the spiderweb idea - almost as much as I love the green Green sneakers sticking out from under it! They are stellar! Vanessa - you are a star!

Leigh said...

That is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
You must both be very proud.
Can't wait to see the spider webs :-)

Faith said...

Hey I love this quilt and I love how all the colours have come together you ought to make another and have it as a cloak also looking at this wonderful item wrapped round your daughter. Its lovely that you can both have fun and work together on the magic of quilting, nothing beats that... so magical!!

atet said...

A great quilt! And the spiderwebs are going to look fantastic on it. How wonderful that your daughter loves quilting too! (now let's hope mine does some day as well)

Kim said...

looks wonderful- if you hate basting a quilt send it to be basted to a long arm quilter- I do that for some of our guild members and other friends. then they can quilt as they like with or without a hoop- just an idea