Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's STILL Halloween at our house!

I got the quilting done on Vanessa's Halloween quilt! I just need to go find some black yarn for the button dolls hair, and the spider that I stuck in with the spider webs. I have to find someone elses camera to show the spiderwebs because with the busy background and my not too high tech camera they didn't show up.

So, I took a picture of the pumpkin block instead. ;-)

As you can see from the first picture, there were scraps left over so I made us a Halloween tablerunner too. Our house will be very decorated NEXT year. ;-) Actually there were so many scraps left over that there is a second (more interesting) scrappy tablerunner in the works also. I think we could do a nice little scrappy Halloween wallhanging too.

I should see if she wants to work on Easter, then maybe we can have it done in time? Or is that pushing it???


Kathy Wagner said...

Such a neat Halloween quilt!
It's more fun to sew projects during the season it celebrates don't you think?? I never liked working on a project ahead of season...although it is nice to have it ready to use "on time". Oh you said, they'll be ready for next Halloween!

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, my goodness! That pumpkin block made me Green with envy! I would never have thought to applique the pumpkin down like that - it is fabulous! And the buttons, oh, man - that is great. I am packing my bag right now because I am terribly jealous and need you to help me make one for my house too! I want it just like that one!

Leigh said...

That is just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!