Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold and Scrappy

This is my tub of not-even strips. I don't know what else to call them because I have 3 drawers of 2 1/2 inch strips, and a drawer of small squares. Anyway, I have been making some string blocks, and such with these. But, tonight my sweet daughter sorted these by color for me, so what you see is actually the first layer of strips, beneath that are two more layers all sorted by color or color family and one big pile of "prints".

This morning when my husband got home from work - at 7:50 am, he brought the lovely news that it was -13° with a windchill of -31°. Yes, the frozen tundra of northeast Wisconsin. Lucky for me he had already started my van so it was warm when I needed to leave for work. Of course it felt like my nose was frozen before I got to the warm van. During midday it actually warmed up to a balmy -2°, so really nothing to complain about right?
Here is where the scraps come in; on my way home from work, as the temp was beginning to hit -5° I was thinking about what nice warm & cozy (read that ugly and comfortable) items of clothing I would change into. The thought hit me that a quilted robe would be the ultimate in warm and comfortable. A wearable quilt. Then I thought, why not make it out of a bunch of my scraps? I may even throw in a few orphan blocks that are having a good deal of trouble being adopted. I can make the base out of some wimpy fabrics I inherited from my mother and use up some scraps of batting at the same time. Viola! excellent idea right?
Except for the fact that my UFO list is running rampant. I haven't even dared to list them all here, I'm not sure how much space I'm allowed!
Sooooooo many ideas, soooooooo little time.
Oh and Flori........ did you notice all the °'s? I just love doing that! For anyone who is interested, you can make the ° symbol by holding down the alt key and typing in 248. Is that cool or what? yup, I'm a dork!


atet said...

Um, notice I have not listed my UFOs or my PIPs on my blog either. I don't really want to know all that I have lined up to do. We also won't mention that I have two projects under "tight" deadlines and about 10 others under just slightly less tight deadlines. AND I keep looking for new projects to do. It's a sickness I tell ya.

BUT -- I do think the robe idea is a great one. And with the bone chilling cold we have going on? Go for it!

Susan Freebery said...

LOVE the robe idea! Just love it! I also noticed, immediately, you showing off your degree symbol Whiskey Girl. I think you only wrote about the temperature so you could show that skill off. Second - get that list up on your blog! It isn't fair if we are all airing our dirty secrets, and you aren't!

Helen in the UK said...

If it is not a regularly rotary cut strip, I call it a 'string'!! Yours look really lovely in their colour coordinated rolls :)