Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quilted! Bound! Labeled! Delivered!

YES! It's done it's done it's done!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO Happy Dance!

My favorite cousin put the top on her long arm the second she got and I'm sure she did not rest for one minute until she had quilted dozens of adorable little froggies all over this quilt! It looks AWESOME! Then she quick quilted a leaders and enders baby quilt for another of our cousins! I'll show that one as soon as I figure out what to use for the binding. Anyway, she is incredible! Not only the wonderful quilting and the speedy service.....

her lovely daughter made labels on their embroidery machine!! Thank you Lizzie! They are tooooo cute for words!

Then she folded them up ever so neatly and tied them with a pretty matching ribbon! Honestly, am I lucky or what? When Vanessa saw them she said two things-- "She spoils you" and "I can't wait to finish my brown and pink quilt so she can quilt it".
Yes, my sweet favorite cousin does in indeed spoil me. It's wonderful to have someone spoil you!
I quick as a wink got the binding and the cute label on last night and was able to give it to our little boys mom today. She cried. Happy tears though. She loved the idea that we prayed during every stitch of it.
Now, here is my first project in my new sewing room. We needed a runner for the piano. I hate it. Oh well, you win some you lose some I guess! ;-)

But in the picture you can see one of the antique quilts I was talking about in a previous post. This one was made by my husbands great grandmother. I tried to research the pattern and it appears to be "crosses and losses". It's in wonderful shape for as old as it must be.
This was a woman who wanted to have a bakers dozen of children! She only ended up with 12 though, poor dear! One memory grandma shared with me was of her mother sitting with a big dishpan of biscuit dough in her lap making biscuits and singing and singing. It sounds like she must have been a very happy lady.


Susan Freebery said...

I love the quilt, I love the quilting, and I love the label! I can't wait to send a quilt to Anne - she does beautiful work! What a wonderful gift, Mare.

atet said...

It's adorable! I wish I had someone to spoile me that way. Hehehehe. Lovely quilt and I'm so glad the mother loved it too!

Alycia said...

Oh My you have been busy! The quilt turned out great. And yes I bet your LA'er was very tickled with a good size backing!! Good thing you bought the whole bolt ( nudge nudge wink wink)

Stay warm!

Carole said...

Wow! Love those colours! That is one sweet looking quilt! What a great idea to ad a ribbon when finished! It's the personal touch that matters! Lucky you indeed!

Nicole and Phil said...

gorgeous Quilt...well done!