Friday, January 18, 2008

Lots of sewing room time

Yes I have spent an inordinate amount of time in my sewing room(s) this past week.
Sadly none of it has been spent sewing. We are playing musical rooms at our house. My sewing room has been relocated downstairs so I will be able to sew this spring when my husband goes on night shift for 5 weeks straight. (say ugh with me)
So, since we were moving me out of my nice (pretty light colored sewing room) we moved our youngest daughter into that room. She was in a bedroom on the north side of the house with fairly dark walls. Then we moved the twin beds that the college girls sleep in upstairs to the dark bedroom. Are you with me here.
I have been keeping up with my 365 challenge quilt. I've been very good about not getting behind in my journaling. This is it so far, except that now that I've looked at it and imagined 6 more months I realize I'm going to have to pick a good bit of it apart and let it go longer or it will wrap all the way around the house. Actually with the temperatures we are having in WI, that would be a GOOD thing. brrrrrr

The good thing about moving all this sewing stuff, yet again, is that I sorted out some things I never used, and never WILL use. The other thing that happens is finding projects that need to be finished. Gosh, I have tons of my own UFO's, but when we opened up a trunk we found several from my grandmother and my husbands grandmother! In the picture is a butterfly top made by my dads mother. She had done two of these and I already finished one. I'll have to find a picture of it. I was really pleased with the first one because I used her top, and put in a wool batt that I inherited from my husbands grandmother. There is also a sweet little baby quilt there made with single grandmothers flower garden flowers and leaves. It already has the backing, but no batting and no quilting. It may have been tied at one time so it was probably supposed to be a light summer blanket. I plan to sandwich it and get it quilted and save it for future generations. Behind that is one of two crazy quilts from my husbands grandmother. The other one that we didn't hang up has fancier fabrics in it and lots of pretty embroidery. Neither is finished though, so I need to figure out how to bind them without making it look like they were finished 80+ years after they were made. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but they were actually made by Jim's grandmothers mother. I also have on that she made that is finished, and some blocks that she started. Lots of UFO's!!


Susan Freebery said...

Your 365 quilt is marvelous! My favorite block, you ask? TUNDRAS! Where on earth did you find that? My goodness, you are good...

loulee1 said...

How lovely to have heirloom quilts. No one before me quilted.

Kathy Wagner said...

Great to hear you are keeping up with the 365! You are lucky to have the heirloom quilts from both sides of your family.

atet said...

Lots of UFOs -- but what UFOs to have. Those crazy quilts are amazing! If you want some info on crazy quilts -- you might check out "Allie's in Stitches" blog.

She's a great crazy quilter and she might have some info on resources you could use.