Sunday, February 24, 2008


Updates now available!

First I am going to apologize up-front. I have had to enable that annoying word verification for my comments because I have been getting some spam comments. Please comment anyway, I love to read them!
Now to catch up on some pictures. First, we have a sewing machine sweater. See it gets pretty cold in Wisconsin so I need to keep my baby warm! oh, and keeping the dust and cat hairs off it is a good idea too. I found a nice red cotton sweater at Goodwill and it became this! Then the sleeves became water bottle sweaters.

Now we have my personal sting block of the month. I started in October and used up some Halloween strings to make a big block and decided to keep going and do a monthly theme. January is much brighter there than I actually felt! ;-)

Next is Valentines Day! Here we have some vintage Valentines that my husband framed for me. And a Heart block that I won several years ago at one of our guild meetings when a woman who owned a bead store came to talk to us about beading.

The crocheted cloth underneath was made for my mother by a dear friend of hers.

Now we have the wine quilt I've4 been yammering on about. I still have to take pictures of the wine bottle blocks I did for a matching wallhanging.

And here is the perfect border fabric that leaped into my waiting arms the other day at the quilt shop! How could I NOT get this stuff???

Here are some leftovers that needed to be sewn together. I think it looks like salt water taffy, and I want to add more to it! (or eat it)

And here are two of my girls. I love it when they are being friends!

And last we have the psycho cat. How do you suppose he twists himself around like that? And, better question........... why?


Susan Freebery said...

LOVE the sweater! Outstanding idea! The cork fabric is soooo cool, and I can't understand why I never find "finds" like that. Oh, wait, I would actually have to go shopping to find things like that. Oh, well. Love all your photos and love that you can used bigger photos now, too.

kjquilts said...

The sweater cover is such a good idea! I love the cork couldn't have found a better match for your wine quilt. I also like the maps hanging on the wall. Are they old?

Kim said...


Kim said...

Sorry--couldn't resist! You know what a rebel/joker I am! I love all your projects, but your salt water taffy sure looks fun!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures - I love your quilts!

Gretchen said...

Love the wine quilt especially the cork fabric you found--how perfect! I have 3 black cats--maybe all black cats are psycho cause I know mine sure are. Here's to spring coming soon to WI!!

Helen in the UK said...

Oh no, you shouldn't have shown that sweater cover .... my machine wants one too!!!
LOVE your string blocks - great idea to do them themed by month :)

Gizmo said...

I love the sweater ideas! I need to make a new one for my big machine. Great string blocks, and your wine quilt is beautiful. Your psycho cat is a doll too!

Pat said...

ummm...being from Wisconsin, too maybe my machine needs a sweater...Goodwill here I come! I like your idea of a month of strings...cute way to use up some novelty scraps. all the quilts are beautiful and I especially like the colors/construction of your salt water taffy quilt.

diva of quilts said...

Wow! So busy! Thanks for sharing all those photos. I love your string-pieced blocks. They're going to make a great quilt.