Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well it's been almost 24 hours since we got more snow! Yippee!
Of course the temperature is not much to yippee about. But, I have the chance to be inside, warm and cozy and learning how our new computer does EVERYTHING differently than the old one. I like the new tricks, I just don't always want to learn them. My next trick, I hope, will be figuring out how to download my pictures. Then everyone will be sorry I waited so long! ;-)


Jeanne said...

My hands are both waving frantically
in the air!!!

Gizmo said...

We moved from WI to KY, and now I'm waving my hands with all of you!
I am spreading blogger love. You have received the Spreader of Love Award - Blogger Love that is.
I enjoy your blog, and will visit back often.

Jon said...

Look here

Kathy Wagner said...

Yes...me too! I'm very tired of the snow!

Kim said...

Forget the computer and come visit all of us happy bloggers in sunny California! ROFLOL!

atet said...

I'm waving my hands way up high in the air on this one. I'm so freaking sick of winter. I got a brief break -- but, darned if I didn't come back to the frozen tundra. UGH!

Cherold said...

I love snow...but we don't get much here in WA state.

You've been tagged. The details are on my blog:



Fox said...

Sorry. Look please here

Saphirz said...

Am I strange when I say im not tired of it yet, Id rather have snow than 100 degree weather.

In joyed your blog totally.