Monday, February 11, 2008

Start them young!

Isn't this the cutest little quilter you ever saw? I think I should make her a shirt that says "future quilter". Her mommy is letting her watch the pin-basting process, but then she has to go by someone else when the machine is actually running. I wish it was ME she could go snuggle with!

Still no camera hook up so no pictures of the wine quilt or my bottle blocks. I haven't gotten much more done on them for more than a week anyway, I had a killer cold that knocked me out of comission but I'm pretty sure I will live now and soon will get back to the sewing room. In the meantime the sewing room with the door shut is a nice COLD place to store the fruit from our last fundraiser. Of course it's not so nice to sew in a room the temperature of a refrigerator!


kjquilts said...

Way too cute! I'm afraid if I did that my babies would drool all over the quilt!

Kim said...

what a sweetie :)
hope you're feeling better.
I never even got to my wine quilt-I bought my friend champagne instead and I was forgiven :)
I still will make the quilt..just not sure when. Maybe this summer-lol

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, Mare, she is soooo cute! She will be a wonderful quilter. How could she not? How wonderful!

Jeanne said...

She is definitely the cutest quilter I have seen in a long time! Hope you can post that picture soon.

Morah said...