Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better late than never?

Can you believe this pictures were taken just two weekends ago?? Check out this snow at one of my favorite places in the world! Yes, I did the silent retreat at St. Anthony's again. Quite the difference with snow covering everything. It was an awesome weekend, and I do have art to show when my camera comes back to life. ;-) I had to get outside on Saturday and the grounds were buried under about two and half feet of snow! It was frozen enough that I could walk on top for most of it. The deer tracks show a different story for the poor things. They were sinking in about 2 feet on the trail.
The first photo is of the stone steps that lead down to the grotto. What you don't see any steps? Buried! Yes, I went down them. It was an awesome sight, thank goodness there was no one else to see!
Yes, that would be because they were all smart enough to stay inside where it was warm and not covered in snow.
Poor St. Theresa! Snow up to her neck!!! I kind of felt like I should bring her a quilt. Hey, that's a great idea! I better go on retreat again next winter (spring) to make sure she is warm enough. Who else will do it? Obviously just me and the deer came this way!

How could I miss this though?

After my trek through the grounds this swing seemed like a perfect spot to take a break. The snow makes an ideal foot rest!

Ahhhh the good life! Now if I had just had a cup of coffee..........

And even amidst the piles and piles of snow, one little bed of Iris were trying to come back to life. My hike through the tundra was a beautiful lesson for me. There is part of hymn that says "and all creation sings his praise". All creation was singing to me from every angle. Sun glinting off snow, deer prints, frozen river, bird calls, and finally the little Iris struggling to come up through the cold.


Harmany Quilting said...

I had a look through your archives and I see what you mean with the Insanity Challenge. I too was going to sew them together ab lib style, however I swear my brain swelled trying to work it all out. So I admitted defeat and stuck to the instructions. However I am adding the sashing between columns so that should suffice for a little bit of creativity. And it is very bland and needs a bit of oomph.
Sorry to hear about your dog - he sounds really special. I bet he's dancing in the snow all the time now.

Nicola in West Australia

Susan Freebery said...

You can come to my house and do a silent retreat. This way you won't have to wear so many layers... All kidding aside, what a beautiful place. I can't wait to see your art.