Monday, March 17, 2008

some se4wing

I have been getting a bit of sewing done, just not the humongous quantities I dream about.

Here is a little comfort quilt for a toddler with a very rare disease. She is the younger sister of one of Vanessa's classmates. And the minute Vanessa heard about her health problems, her first thought was "Can we make her a quilt?" Ahh, she is a true quilter at heart. I had some nice cozy pink flannels in my flannel stash and we were able to whip this up in a couple of days so the wee one could snuggle in it right away.

Then I needed to make a spring purse for my friend Cookie. She ordered one in blues and yellows and a bit of greens, all spring colors. Oddly enough I found a charm pack in my stash with the EXACT colors she was looking for!!!!
Plus, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with that pack. Those charm packs are just soooooooo lovely, but I don't really know what to do with them. Any ideas out there would be really appreciated! What do you do with charm packs? Do you buy more than one? Do you need to buy some of the coordinating fabric to finish anything? Okay, back to the purse............
As always there are loads of pockets inside.

Now I just need to get going on the next two purses that have been ordered.

Why is it never as much fun to make things that are on your "have to do list" as it is to make things that are on your "someday this would be fun to make" list?

This past weekend I went on retreat again at St. Anthony's. I'll save those pictures for another day though. And there will be more of my pastel drawings then too. This weekend I worked in a series. Are you curious? ;-)
You would think after a nice retreat weekend I would be raring to get at my sewing machine, but it's snowing out again and I am just tired of this winter stuff. It is sucking the ambition out of me. sigh.
If any of you out there in blogland have extra spring, could you please send a Little bit this way? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase? (yes that was a REALLY whiny voice)


Morah said...

First, I too love the charm packs and then "why did I buy?" Second, I hate to tell you that it must be very warm out because the inside of my house is 79 degrees! (oooo, I'm a meanie!!) No sun today, we had that yesterday. You just need to move 1,000 miles south, east or west!!! Third, I'm bottling up the springtime and sending it your way....Oh BTW YOU can gloat when we are in the throes of hurricaine preparedness!!!!!LOL

loulee1 said...

Cute little baggie, what a lucky friend.

Beth said...

I too have a TON of charm packs and have been using them up here and there. I have Charm Packs patterns and books, I've also made purses from charm packs and the criss cross coasters are great for them!

I love the purse you made, is that a pattern or something you came up with on your own?? I'm still searching for the perfect purse pattern LOL

Leigh said...

Hi Mare, you should have asked sooner, I would have gladly sent you some of the 40 degree celcius heatwave we have endured here over the last week. I'll play swapsies any time ;-)

Susan Freebery said...

I am sending many, many spring breezes your way.......swoshhhhhhh.... I remember that feeling all too well - this has, literally HAS, to be the last of your winter! I am sure of it.