Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just my three cents worth

I have been trying to give my three cents worth lately. I read about this movement to change the world by 3 pennies.
What you do is, every morning you put three pennies in your left pocket. During the course of the day if you do something nice for someone you move one penny to your right pocket. So, it can be something big and nice, something unexpected and nice or even something small and nice like opening the door for a stranger. Then at the end of the day your goal is to have the three pennies in your right pocket.
Kind of neat huh? Just a little pocket reminder to be nice to people and go out of your way a bit. I also tell myself sometimes, "ooo that wasn't a nice thought, I should have to move my penny back!" ;-)
Yesterday one of my "pennies" was to make a camouflage hospital gown.
I know it sounds pretty bizarre, but my brother in law has been in the hospital for a week and a half and until yesterday he was in two different ICU's. Now that is SICK! Anyway, he is a big hunter/out doors kind of guy and I cannot imagine him in one of the foo foo hospital gowns. So I went to my favorite quilt shop and found some quilt fabric that is pretty much camouflage and made up my version of a hospital gown. As soon as I get batteries in my camera I'll get a picture. Personally I think this gown could have advantages.
Don't want the nurses to see you? Put on your camo!
Well that's it for me today, I hope whoever reads this has a three penny day.


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the 3 Penny Day. Its a good idea. I hope your BIL recovers completely and I know the camo hospital gown will brighten his day, not to mention the doctors and nurses will probably get a smile out of it too - so that is a whole 25cents worth of smiles.

Susan Freebery said...

YOU are the best! So thoughtful! I love the penny idea and I love the camo hospital attire. Over the top, that one is. I love it.

Finn said...

The 3 penny day is a wonderful idea *VBS* I sure do hope that one catches on all across blogland and world wide.
Love the pink quilt for the class mate, great way to spread the love and support.
Your "peep" show was so cute, and I do love the bags you make...what a great thing to have going for you. Hugs, Finn in NC WI
P.S. heheheehh on the hospital gown..great idea!

Nana's Quilts said...

Now that's a very nice thought. What a great idea. Thanks for telling us about it. I'll go look for 3 pennies, right now.

Sweet P said...

3 pennies a day sounds like a wonderful idea.

The camo hospital gown sounds awesome. I'm sure your brother will love it (the nurses will too.)

Gizmo said...

I love the camo gown idea. I'm sure it will brighten not only his spirits (and help him down the road to recovery), but will also cheer up the staff.
I'm going to have a 3 Penny Day. Thanks for sharing it with us!!!