Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mosquitoes are good for something

See all these grocery bags I've made lately? There are more that I have already given to people and two of the bags in back each have 4 more bags rolled up inside them. Over achiever huh? The mosquitoes are sooooooooooooo BAD here that I can't go out to work in my yarden, and just taking the dog for her walk is sheer torture. They bit through everything I put on, and they laugh at the deep woods off with 40% deet. So, at least I'm getting some little sewing projects done.

This is what is left from my Bag Lady inventory at the local craft shop. The owner is moving to Florida and I'm going to attempt to sell online.
At least I've got a good start on supplies! I hope where ever you are, the mosquitoes are leaving you alone!

I have a new blessing I say to Jim as he leaves for work; "May you walk fast enough that you get to your car before the mosquitoes know you are there."
Sadly, no one can walk that fast!


Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

Gina said...

I feel so sorry for you. We don't suffer much in Wales with mosquitoes. We get the odd one, and it will normally head straight for me, but nothing worth worrying over.

LOve and hugs xxx

Kathy Wagner said...

Oh my goodness Mare - you are on a bag roll! I am trying to make one from the shop hop and wish you could pop over and help me out. I'll post about it whenever I get the darn thing can't be as hard as I am making it?!?!?!
Oh least I'm not being EATEN ALIVE!!!

Pat said...

LOVE all the bags! Nothing like pesky bugs to send me running for the indoors!

Susan Freebery said...

HA! The gift shop owner is moving to Florida. You could hide in her moving truck, slip between a matress and a box spring. You could crawl under the truck and crab an axel - my goodness, think of something!

Finn said...

Hi Mare, so sorry to hear of your mosquito problem. Must be the result of all that rain.
We are fairing pretty well over here in my part of WI, you'll hate me, but I have yet to see a first mosquito.
The bags look wonderful and must be making a nice dent in your stash. Great job! Hugs, Finn

Kim said...

I detest mosquitos--probably because they love me so much! LOL! Luckily they're mainly out around dusk. We have "mosquito abatement" here and they spray to kill them off because of concerns over West Nile Virus. I'm itching just thinking of those pesky critters!