Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping fun!

Before we left for camping, of course I got food plans made, clothes packed, all that camping stuff, and I made postcards to take a long to mail to my co-workers!

Here is our camp spot in Iron Mountain Michigan.

and here is my favorite way to start the day............ ahh,

my coffee god Nick recommended and ground "Cowboy Java" for our trip. Life is good!

And here is the lovely Miss V enjoying a Michigan size ice cream cone............

Yes, I have to play with depth perception, it's just something I feel the need to do.
More photos when I get caught up on laundry............


Susan Freebery said...

Love the photos! V has a wonderful appetite, doesn't she? The view is gorgeous at Mountain Michigan! No mosquitos - I want to go there. They are killing us down here right now. And lastly, will you tell me how to make those wonderful postcards? They are so fabulous!

Pat said...

Welcome home...looking forward to more about your trip to Michigan!

Gizmo said...

I'm finally able to welcome you home! Can't wait to hear, and see, more about your trip.