Friday, July 4, 2008

Still sewing away!

So, after making loads of bags, I'm now working on aprons for my "big guild" picnic. The "Big guild" is the one I belong to locally, not the totally exclusive 3 member guild. We are doing a traditional picnic, with a sort of country theme, not country music country, but country as in fried chicken, lemonade, wild flowers in mason jars, grandma's apron....... that sort of country. When I was a kid and one of 24 grandchildren, we got together at grandma and grandpas farm every summer for a big picnic, and grandma always made the absolute BEST lemonade. She would grab a few of us grandkids and set us to rolling lemons on the kitchen table to get the juice going,
and then she knew how much water and sugar to add and it was heaven on earth!!
The closest I have ever come is the recipe on the Real Lemon bottle. Anyway, some of us on the committee are making aprons for everyone, and we will put a napkin and silverware in the pocket
and use them as place settings too.
Lovely Miss V is modeling the ones I made so far. Finally I was able to get her to look up and smile!!
I also snapped up a few aprons at thrift shops and antique malls. The second one is for another committee member named is Ann who has a bathroom decorated with Raggedy Ann.
In other matters I discovered that drinking 5 shots of espresso has a very uplifting affect on your blood pressure. Mine is normally in the range of 116 over 84, however after my little coffee jag I stopped at the blood center to donate and it was 142 over 86!!! oops? well we decided that whatever lucky soul gets my blood will be feeling zippy in no time at all!
Happy Fourth everyone!!!!


Jeanne said...

Very pretty aprons and lovely models!
I have a treadle cabinet just like yours. *s*

Kim said...

wow you've been really busy! Love all the aprons :)

Susan Freebery said...

how do you do all those gathers? Do you have a gathering foot or do you do it the old fashioned way? I still do it the old fashioned way, and thus rarely do it.... Please enlighten, oh, great one.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I am lurking around your blog because this being out of communication thing is killing me.... Serious Whiskey withdrawl. Hey, does this mean I need AA ???