Thursday, July 24, 2008

More camping pictures

As promised! Here are more camping pictures. Are you as bored of seeing them as I am of doing camping clean up? How can there be THIS much laundry??????
well, here I am delivering morning coffee.

and here I am with my good friend Cookie, though I have no idea what she is doing to my hair???

And here we have the lovely Miss V and I wading right away in the morning

Now this really is the best for last. Every summer we count eagles! This summer there was this gorgeous patriarch, and two young ones. One summer there were 8 of them nesting along the river.

Last summer, my husband Jim was swimming out in the middle of the river and one of our camping friends started yelling to him to look out, and sure enough a HUGE eagle was coming in for his head! He said it was really hard to look big while you are swimming, but he flipped over and waved his arms and yelled and it swooped back up and went and sat in a tree and watched him.

This one came and watched the guys fishing, he was probably trying to decide if he wanted to show them up or not.


Kathy Wagner said...

I never get tired of seeing camping pictures! Looks like a wonderful spot and lucky you to see the eagles! They are huge!

Susan Freebery said...

OK, so that is about as cool as it gets. You eagle beat my parrots! Totally cool...........

Nana's Quilts said...

You are right - the laundry goes on forever - but then so do all the fun memories. We take the grandkids camping each summer (have done for the past 7 years)and now they each have a Camping with Grandma books. Just returned on Sunday night ourselves and the laundry isn't all done. Oh well.

Good wishes,
Nana Marne

Finn said...

Hey Mare, sounds wonderful to me *VBS* I long for the smell of campfires and extra toasty smores...LOL
Coffee with the great out of doors, nothing better except sunshine. The eagle is wonderful! Gotta love Iron Mountain. Hugs, Finn

swooze said...

A big eagle swooping in on you while you swim??? Yikes!