Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, are we tired of hearing about my trip to Colorado yet? If so, just skip on to the next blog. :-)

Seriously, one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Colorado Springs is called Garden of the Gods, and I always want to go there.

Naturally my FAVORITE cousin volunteered and took me and two of my favorite kids. Garden of the Gods has these HUGE rock formations that people can get a permit to climb on, and also a wonderful view of the mountains behind them. Naturally I forgot my camera that afternoon, so they took pictures for me whenever I said "oooo take that one".

So sometimes I said "ooooo take that one" even when it was something totally silly, and they did!

or maybe it was me that grabbed the camera to take this picture of a hummer. I'm kind of a dork that way. You may not have noticed that yet?

I think we were pointing at the kissing camels on this one. It's a bit hard to see from this angle, but use your imagination and you can see them.
Well you can kind of see one of them and the head of the other one off to the right at the very top of this rock.

oh just squint a little and then nod and smile!


Did I mention that I LOVE MOUNTAINS? Sometimes now that I am back in Wisconsin I look at the cloud banks over the lake and if I squint or take my glasses off I can imagine that the layers of blue clouds are actually different mountain ranges. I'm sure that tells you something about me............... well, let's leave it at that!

This is one of my favorite picture that my favorite cousin took. That's me and Lizzie and Nick walking in the Garden of the Gods. ahhhhhhhhhh Does it get any better??? Okay if I had a cup of coffee it might have been a teeny bit better, but then I couldn't have had my arm around one of them.

OH, and can't have a post without adorable Maggie in her new adorable fall jacket from talented Sue's pattern! This jacket is soooooooo fun and easy and fast to make!

If you have a little one in your life this is really the pattern for you! I know I sound like a commercial here

but it's just fabulous!

Anne, you know, my FAVORITE cousin, (pictured here with my favorite Maggie), and I want her to design an adult size one too!

I think Anne needs a purple one don't you? And then Maggie better have a purple one also!

And this picture is in honor of my daughter number 3! Yup a BIG thumbs up for the whole trip!

and if you don't watch out.................. there will be MORE trip pictures!
bwaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa


Susan Freebery said...

I LOVE the Colorado photos, and I love the Maggie photos, and I love everything you do! I can't believe you went to Garden of the Gods - so did my entire family for our last real visit to CO. I am going to send you photos right now of our entire family posing in the rocks.

Carole said...

What a lovely trip! The garden of the gods looks divine! ;o) So does the mountains! Thanks for sharing! Keep well!

Kathy Wagner said...

I enjoyed the trip pictures...
show us more!!
And some retreat pictures too!

paula, the quilter said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to Colorado. I love my state!