Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Colorado pictures

Okay, I bet you think I have no life anymore here in Wisconsin. Well I just am finally catching up on downloading and naming all my Colorado pictures.

this is me on Brads 4 wheeler, that is Brad jog-walking well ahead of me. Anyone want to guess how fast I was zipping down that hill? In my defence I didn't want to run over any of the pretty wildflowers. (SOME people have tended to do an eye roll when I explain that part.)

This is also Brad, holding sweet little Maggie. Brad is the nicest 17 year old

young man you could ever meet. He never once laughed at my lack of speed and daring with his 4 wheeler, and he never rolls his eyes at any of my dorky 45 year old talking.

Here we have the Star Wars Lego master Cory! Cory happens to be the nicest 18 year old man you could meet! His wonderful mother gets the mom of the YEAR (or century?) award for taking him and his 4 Star Wars fan siblings (she was pregnant with sibling number 6 better known as the adorable Maggie) to LOS ANGELES to the Star Wars convention last spring!!! Can you imagine it???

That is Lizzie with her Star Wars Lego thingie (sorry Cory is that one a Tie Fighter?) and Cute as a bug Josh, who could hum the Emperors theme when he was six months old! I am not kidding, I heard it myself!

Aren't some of these sooooooooooooo teeny and neat?

I swear there is a quilt in this all. I am starting to get some ideas for it..................

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