Friday, October 24, 2008

New laptop, and no real pictures!

I'm getting used to my new lap top, which is why it's been a while since I posted. Another issue is that my "Flintstones" digital camera isn't able to connect to my new computer and I really hate to post without pictures, that's sort of boring. See these pies? I made 2 pumpkin and one apple pie today for Jim to take to work tomorrow for treats. Luckily for me it's super easy to find pictures on the Internet so I could download pictures of any pie I wanted! I should however, warn you that if you are going to do a search for "pictures of pie" you will certainly find some pictures that are not acceptable to post on a blog mainly dedicated to quilting............ enough said? yeah, you get the picture- well, no you didn't because I didn't think they were appropriate.

My other happy news is that my sewing machine is back home where she belongs! I tried to find a picture of her online, but the Viking site skipped right from the model 435 to model 535 and my sweet baby is a 500. Well, a copied picture wouldn't do my baby justice anyway since she has a lot of stickers from when Miss V was very small and stickers were the ultimate compliment from her. Fortunately I was given a loaner sewing machine, however it only came with ONE bobbin! Pretty much a pain for changing thread colors.

Meanwhile Miss V's high school is putting on Jesus Christ Superstar. Our oldest daughter is stage manager so for the first time in their lives they are in the same school together! Jes is 25 and Miss V is 14 so they haven't had much bonding time since V was a toddler and obviously so adorable that no one could set her down! ;-)
Hopefully soon we will figure out a way to patch my camera in here and I can do some show and tell on bags and quilts and costumes! I really am getting a few things done in my sewing room!


Susan Freebery said...

I am soooo glad you got your sewing machine back. I know the pain of being without your baby. Our machines become an extension of ourselves - we can almost make them work without even looking.

I can't wait to see photos of the costume (s?). Does your camera have a memory card? Let me know if it does and I will tell you exactly what you have to do.

Oh, and one bobbin? That is like trying to bake a pie with one arm! Geeze.

Jesus Christ Superstar? THAT will be incredible! I hope to see lots of photos of THAT show when it happens. Totally cool.

Kathy Wagner said...

Don't you just hate technology issues?!? Hope your camera finds a way to resolve it's conflicts with the computer!
What costumes have you been making?!?!