Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Update~~

But not with Dennis Miller!

Another busy weekend and I think we are caught up on laundry (now that it's Wednesday evening)

So, daughter number 2 was in "My Fair Lady" in Eau Claire, and of course we need to go see this spectacle!
Here she is being "saucy" during a dance number. That's her in the green sweater

And here we have more sauciness......... is that a word??

Excuse the horrible stage lighting, we were in the front row seats and my fabulous father in law took these with his thumb over the viewfinder so that no camera lights would show!!
Here she is as the Queen of Transylvania! Okay not a huge part, but she wears it well!!

The stage lights were very RED!!

here we have the racing scene at Ascot...... she looks fabulous in that hat!!!

And finally the actress letting miss V try out another hat.
What a fabulous weekend, I did the driving, and let my in laws ride along and gaze at all the gorgeous trees and chat chat chat. Poor Jim had to work on Sunday so he didn't get to come along. And poor me, hotel rooms aren't that much fun when you are alone. OH well, I got to play with the remote and scroll through 77 channels, which is only 66 more than we have at home! And there wasn't much I really wanted to watch on those extra ones!
On the home front I took my sewing machine in for a nice spa week at the tune up place and..............
I MISS HER!!!!!!!


Susan Freebery said...

WE would have had a ball in that hotel room! I love the photos - I would have been on my feet, yelling YEAH LISSA!!! How wonderful and fun.

em's scrapbag said...

I love the play My Fair Lady. It looks like you all had a great time and you daughter did a wonderful job. I bet you are dying without your machine. I bought myself another one so I would never be without.