Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had a great weekend at UW- Platteville! It was homecoming (we won't mention the game here) and it was FUN!!! First and best we got to see Becky, and see her perform with the marching band.
Here comes the band!!

Is it only in Wisconsin where you will see weird things in the parades? I could have taken about 12 pictures of tractors and lawn mowers, and honestly if it had been colder there would have been a group of guys with their snow blowers. But instead I got this picture of a tree. Yes, a tree. I know, it might be explained by the high drinking percentages in Wisconsin, or we just might be total hicks.

Here is our Becky!!! with mom! I sort of look like I have a weird halo coming out of my head don't I?

UW-Platteville started out as a state normal school in the 1800's and then went on to become a big mining school.
On a hill east of town is the worlds largest M. For mining.
I kid you not, they went to the Colorado School of Mining- which also has a big M, to make sure they made Plattevilles bigger. Anyway, every homecoming week the engineering majors and mining majors whitewash this huge M - it's made of rock on the side of the hill- and then homecoming night they light it up.
Here is is in all it's night time glory! Miss V took this picture for me, I'm not sure why it's on it's side, but you have to know Miss V to understand anything she does.

There are some pictures of the half time show on Jim's camera, mine got tired after the parade


Chris' Shady Grove said...

You'll have to come to RC and see the canyon of lights parade sometime. My favorite weird float involves the paint store owner wearing a crown and a red velvet robe (cape) with bunch of women dressed in black leather skirts and lepard skin tops. I'm really not sure what it is all about but it is still good for a chuckle after all these years.

swooze said...

In my home town we always had the dairy parade with a Dairy Princess. Don't remember trees or anything. I don't even remember them walking milking cows down the street! LOL

Leigh said...

Funny thing but I have never imagined the words Mare and halo in the same sentence before,lol.

Kathy Wagner said...

Very interesting parade you have there!!
Love your balloon halo!

Gizmo said...

Did you get the halo just for the parade?? LOL
Nothing beats the El Paso, WI marching band during the El Paso Days Parade. Our 4-H float threw bags of cheese curds, instead of candy! :)