Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dinner on the porch

Inviting my quilty blog buddies for dinner on the porch......... Cow guy is also welcome!
here is the view toward the north section of the 'yarden'.
Don't look too close at the bird bath, it needs cleaning. not that the birds seem to care.

Here is another view, closer up............
This is what I call "beer treats". A local adult beverage store has all kinds of beers and ales by the single bottle, you pick up a 6 pack holder and fill it with what ever you want.
Last night I tried the blueberry ale.
it was very blueberry! Nice for one, but I'm glad I didn't have to try an entire 6 pack, might have been a bit much.
The big guy had a Bar Harbor Real Ale. Not quite as thick as a Guiness, but very nice.

Next we have the half whole wheat bread from my bread machine.
Love that thing! I do the ingredients and it does everything else, and we have fresh yummy bread without heating up the kitchen.
Whoever invented this thing is a pure genius!

And last but not least, and also partially gone.............. the shish k bobs!
These were YUMMY!!!
tomatoes, red potatoes, onions, and sausages.
mmm mmm

and since you have made it this whole way down, here is the big cat enjoying the treat he stole off the counter.

Does that look like a tomato to you?
well, that's because it is. His favorite thing to steal and eat.
Could that be any weirder? We have to cover the tomatoes in a basket "cage" on the counter if we want any for salads! He's been eyeing my tomato plants on the porch too................


Susan Freebery said...

Tomatoes!!! Your cat eats tomatoes??!! Too funny! I love it! I also love your yarden and would love to come and sit for hours in that garden........

The Calico Cat said...

& I though that my cat had weird cravings!

Cathi said...

My big old boy Kitty Kitty loves french fries & popcorn!

SkippyMom said...

The tomato loving cat is precious! Our dog like raw veggies [broccoli, celery, etc.] and I thought that was weird. Oh and she likes coffee too.

The bread looks delicious. I haven't been able to find my bread machine since we moved :( I miss it so much.

Chris said...

thanks for the lovely time in the Yarden. That Bar Harbor Ale looks quite refreshing.

Gizmo said...

ROFLOL ~ that cat cracks me up!
The yarden and company was wonderful. Thanks for the great evening.

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the great dinner!
What a crazy cat you have!

Jean said...

I haven't heard of a cat who eats soon, he will be picking them? so funny!