Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Fair warning~
I'm out of sorts tonight.
I don't particularly know why. I just am.
Does that happen to you?
Are there other people out of sorts?

Just what ARE sorts?
How do we get out of them? How do we get them back? or get back into them if indeed, we are out of them perhaps sorts is a place?
um, I guess sorts is a state of mind since it feels yucky up there. In my mind I mean. And probably lonely too, it is after all MY mind.
And something that is contributing to my Out-of-Sorts-ness, still no pictures of MY OWN!
NO! the stupid camera/card/converter/USB is STILL NOT WORKING! Even shaking it really really really really hard (thanks for the tip cow guy) didn't help.
So, since I can't post any of my own pictures, I started searching for online pictures of "sorts"

Some weird stuff came up.
Like this one.
perhaps they are sorting funky glasses? but, um by what?
oh never mind, too deep for an out of sorts blogger.
On to the next "sorts"
This one made sense once I remembered about Licorice All Sorts.
I forgot about those.
maybe because I'm not a huge black licorice fan.
Still I persevered.
I scrolled through page after page of "sorts" pictures....
A QUILT!!! The little quilter in me loved that a quilt came up!
I think it's supposed to be reminiscent of the above mentioned candy.
No matter, a quilt is a quilt.
Quite acceptable.
There was also one I won't post of someone chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I have nothing against. Jack. Personally I have to say he's a very good buddy of mine, but not to be (gasp) chugged.
No, Jack was meant to be sipped
hmmm perhaps some therapeutic Jack tonight?


Gizmo said...

Sorts....can't find any here either.
Again, CHEERS!
Ummm - the Tech help you get is relative to the person giving it....Ask Cowguy about feeding red jello to his sheep. ;)

Susan Freebery said...

I am certain that if we were both within driving distance of each other we would be able to find all the sorts you need. I think I have lost a few sorts, as well... Darn, why can't there be a one hour means of transportation that would take me to WI lickity split.... Where's George Jetson when you need him? Maybe he is out of sorts as well....

Chris said...

Even when you are out of sorts you still make me laugh. I hope you find your sorts and get everything sorted out! P.S. I'm having a fabric giveaway on my dyecandy blog this week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Are you back into your "sorts" yet?!?
Surely you can't spend the whole summer "out of shorts"...oops..."out of sorts"!?!?!