Friday, February 4, 2011

there's a first time for everything isn't there?

Does everyone around you have super bowl fever?  Living near Green Bay you can imagine what it's like around here......
Originally, I come from a small town on the very western edge of WI near the St Croix River and as close as you can get to MN without actually living there.  My entire family comes from MN.  Around there the Packer fan - Viking fan ratio is about 3-1.  So it was not unusual that I grew up as a Purple People Eater.   Then I went to college and met the big guy.  His family is from the east side of the state, where EVERYTHING  is sort of under the shadow of Lambeau.  Needless to say we have a mixed marriage.  One year for Christmas, in front of his entire family he gave me an official Packer jersey, it has our name on it Green.  Well the Green is for some Packer guy, but of course this could not be passed up in his mind.   I told him he shouldn't have.  No, really, he shouldn't have.  Does he listen? of course not, cheeseheads are like that.  However, since my team is out of it (and has been for much of the season, thanks a lot!) I now cheer for the Pack.
which leads me to today's picture.  Of course it's Packer spirit week at work so we are supposed to wear the green and gold. 

So here I am, excuse the picture, miss V is much better at self portraits than I am........ wearing my jersey for work.  sigh.

Think anyone will notice my "gold" has a viking on it?
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  You're my friends you have to keep my secret! 


Chris said...

Good girl. I was raised as a Minnesotan in Chicago. I'm never sure who to cheer for when watching football.

SkippyMom said...

Love the pic Mare. And I got your secret. No telling. Go Pack! :)

Susan Freebery said...

Waht? No Zoobas?