Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Marilyn Bag

the lovely Miss V has an obsession with Marilyn Monroe lately.....  A couple of years ago I made her a really sweet totebag out of an old Marilyn t-shirt.  As V says, "Her face just does not look good with a bust line behind it"  
Well, it was a great bag, but it disappeared somehow.  Sigh.  So I went on ebay and found a different Marilyn T-shirt and went about making a new bag for her.  Here is the shirt getting cut up, along with some coordinating fabric for the bag body.

Marilyn pinned to the bag front........

Marilyn stitched on and trimmed........

handles.  Had to go with pink!  then I picked off part of Marilyn's hair so I could thread the handle behind it to make it look more integrated.
yeah, how did you like THAT big word? 

lining fabric! 

My helper laying UNDER the bag as I pin the handles on.  Thanks Zeller.

close up of handle detail.

bored yet?

oh yeah, another shot of the fabulous lining fabric.

And Viola!  The bag is done!  Woot!


Keep Stitchin' said...

Great work, Mary! I'm sure Miss V will love it! It looks awesome!

Alycia said...

Never bored - That is an awesome bag!!!

Susan Freebery said...


Vanessa said...

I love this bag, mum <3 thank you!