Friday, August 1, 2008

Hands across Eau Claire

Hands hands everywhere!!
Back again! We visited daughter number 2 who is currently living in lovely Eau Claire, WI.

If you remember some time ago, also when we visited her at college, Jim took a picture of me in a big hand, it's my little blogger i.d. picture- anyway, Lissa told us there were more of these around town, they are a movement called "hands across Eau Claire".
So, as we walked all around the city we stopped at every one we found and took more pictures.........

The girls bought me this GORGEOUS bouquet of zinnias at the huge farmers market we walked through. Aren't they lovely??? And heavy! I could have killed someone with that bouquet!

Okay, here is a hand with an eagle painted on it!! Of course it reminded us of our camping trip.

This hand was painted like henna art.

Here are the two lovely daughters posing with it.

This one was so cool, it's puzzle pieces, and the interlocking parts are shaped like hands! From a distance it looked like blue camouflage. Very cool!!

To our disappointment, there was a pedestal with no hand, they must have been using it for a display somewhere else. Of course I didn't want to lose out on any hand pictures, so I convinced Miss V to pose with her hand up in it's place. To her credit, she didn't roll her eyes........... of course she IS wearing sunglasses.............

This hand has rock stars and singers painted all over it. I'm not really sure who they all were as some of us were getting a bit tired of the walking around and wanted to move along..........

Can you guess who got tired????

Jim liked the hands, but then he spotted this Guinness and thought that was a MUCH better idea than empty hands!

Now all I can think about is a hand quilt!!

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Susan Freebery said...

Poor Miss V! Please tell her I love love love her hair. She looks wonderful. Glad Jim got his Guinness - it is amazing how that can bring up the mood for the day!