Thursday, August 28, 2008

As promised, Show and Tell!

This week just went so fast! Miss V started high school on Monday, and getting back to work was, well, work! Sometimes it seems like it's not always worth it to take time off when you have to play catch up, but honestly it was SO worth it to take this time off!!!

Lots of catching up to do! My local guild picnic was two days before I left for Colorado-- So......
First my gorgeous birthday presents from my guild secret pal
AND my good quilting friend Trudy. If you remember a while ago when I was showing off my cool secret pal gifts and I said I thought I knew who it was.... I did! Trudy has fabulous taste and is really clever.
She got me a pretty embroidery pattern!!! I've been wanting to do some of this!

Here is a picture from our guild picnic, I'm not sure how neat it looks in the picture, but it was fun, and everyone looked great in their aprons. The funniest part for me was that everyone seemed to pick out an apron that went with what they were wearing. Aren't women funny?

Here is the "full" size quilt for Miss V! My favorite cousin is on the stairs, and that's her wonderful son Brad holding up the other side. See how tall he is? he is NOT standing on a step!

Here is the snack quilt, can you see the cute cupcake backing?? This was sooooo much FUN! I didn't use any pattern I just played from the front of the machine. Bliss!!

Baby break! Isn't MY Maggie just the sweetest thing?

mmmm baby smell, and what a lovely armful of sleeping angel.....
sigh, I miss her already!

I had made a little pieced top that we made a jacket for Maggie out of, the pattern link is here........
Flori, of our smallest guild fame has designed these patterns and they are fabulous!!!!

Here is a quilt "sandwich" that we made for the base of Maggie's fall jacket. Aren't those colors fabulous? Now we both want to make a bed size quilt like this!

And here is my wine quilt getting quilted. I think there may have to be another one in the making because I found some really cool wine theme fabric out in Colorado!
So many quilts! So little time!


Vicki W said...

Holy smokes you've gotten a lot done! I also want a quilt out of that jacket fabric.

swooze said...

I looke like you accomplished a lot! Good for you.

Pat said...

What fun quilts and jackets and things you are working on! Hard to believe your DD has already started school :)

Susan Freebery said...

I simply can not tell you how touched I was to see my photo on Gus (isn't that the name?). I really, really am smiling up here in NY. We will have to find a way to have our entire quilt guild meet in CO. What a riot that will be!

Oh, and Madelyn is doing wonderful. She speaks as well as I do and is as cute as can be. I will post many, many photos when I get home....