Wednesday, August 13, 2008

counting down

Well, 3 more sleeps until Mare's great adventure!
Remember this adorable little god-daughter? Okay that was blatant showing off of a cute baby, I totally admit it. But she is soooooooooo adorable that I didn't think anyone would really mind.
Anyway, Saturday morning I am hopping (okay I'll be strolling down the concourse) on a plane to go see her, her super siblings, and my FAVORITE cousin in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo lucky!!

So, I should be finishing my packing, and getting the border on the last quilt to go in my suitcase. I should be.

But of course we all know I'm not. Being "Mare the wonder ADD person", I'm playing with these............

and turning them into this..............

and can you guess why? Do you care why?

In case you do............

It's because these little babies are fire starters for making this!
I meant to make these sooner, I collected cardboard egg cartons, stubs of candles, and I was waiting for Jim dear to bring in wood shavings. Honestly I sort of hoped he'd do that after I left, but cest la vie. So I'm clearing up my messes before I go.
Next time I'll show you the quilt tops I'm bringing to my FAVORITE cousins, where I get to play on her long arm quilt machine!!!


Granny's Closet said...

Great idea on the fire starters. I should try that since the hubby is out of town this weekend and I have wood scraps. It is bad enough that I had pasta hanging in his man room well he was gone.

Kathy Wagner said...

I had no idea what you were cooking up there until you told us!
You just can't stop the creativity!
Great idea!