Monday, November 10, 2008

back to the gingerbread houses!

Yesiree, gingerbread house woman is at it again. Last year I went through about 11 houses, what with making them for kids and nieces to decorate. It's that time again! I was lucky enough this past weekend to work a Family Sunday event at the Point Beach Nuclear plant Energy Center. It was loads of fun, soups and wonderful coffee to taste, Alpacas to pet, fabric to fondle, and a gingerbread house display to ogle. The best part for me was getting paid to decorate houses!!! Anyone who knows me knows that is a dream job! I didn't get any pictures myself, but this one was on the local papers website so I "borrowed" it. ;-) Honestly, all I can really say about this one is you'd think I'd remember to brush my hair once in a while wouldn't you?

Back home in my sewing room, I just made my bazillionth bag. Well, probably not, but it's got to be close by now.
fourth of July, Halloween, yarn, farm scenes, cats, dogs, flowers,
Star Wars, horses, Wallee, bugs, cows, slot machines, honestly, if you can think of it I've probably made it into a bag. I have tons more photos but it might get a bit boring so I'll just leave you with these...........


Susan Freebery said...

HEY! HEY!!! You didn't post a photo of the best bag ever! The Coffee Bag! The one I have! It is my most favorite bag ever.

Gizmo said...

Look at that chicken bag! It MUST be the best bag ever (don't tell Susan). ;)

When I win the lottery, you're hired as my person gingerbread house maker!!! :)

Pat said...

Cute bags! and gingerbread houses already! ohhh...I better get busy as DD and I like to decorate one for Christmas!

Harmany Quilting said...

Yum! Those gingerbread houses last two days in our house. Un/fortunately I don't know how to make them - I couldn't keep up with the demand. Love your bags.

Nicola in West Australia

Kathy Wagner said...'re the famous gingerbread lady! And a bag lady!
Great bags!

The Calico Quilter said...

Does anyone in your family work at Point Beach? I was curious, you see, because I'm a retiree from the nuclear power industry and knew some people who went to work there.