Friday, November 21, 2008

Making Progress... or Parts is Parts

The simple beginnings............. My house recipe is more like gingerbread clay, there are no eggs and no leavening agents so it bakes up nicely as walls. Very stiff dough, very sturdy houses! I would not, however, recommend eating it, which is why I'll have to make some molasses cookies also!

Here we have my forms. Each form makes a half of a house, one side wall, one end wall, and one half of the roof. I only had one form last year so it took quite some time to bake the houses for my four nieces, the three daughters that were home, one boyfriend who came along, and a couple for me to play with.
However, last year after the party, my sister in law snuck my form down off the wall and went online to find where to order another one for me, then at Christmas time my nieces presented it to me. Fabulous!!! I can bake a WHOLE house at one time!!!
Here are some of my parts.......... Watch this space for updates! Today I am off work ( yeah!!!) and Jim promised to take me supply shopping since he and Miss V ate the pretzels and gumdrops I had stored!!


Susan Freebery said...

You are one amazing woman! In my life I have never even thought about making a gingerbread house. I think if I lived in WI I would have the greatest gingerbread village ever because my gingerbread neighbor would come over and help me with the construction site! You could be my Project Manager. I would even buy you a hard hat to wear for the day. Oh, too fun.............

Kathy Wagner said...

Gingerbread engineer/
are amazing! And you have a whole month to make villages!