Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to the house!

WE has a door!!!!

There is so much going on around here! I'll tell you, it doesn't feel like our house anymore, people just drive in and drop stuff off, or drive in and pick stuff up, or just drive in and start doing stuff. It sure feels weird.

Here is one of the roofers getting going on things while the others finished up the last job.
I'm not sure exactly whether they are Amish or Mennonite, or what. They have the traditional black pants, and straw hats, and beards. Well, some of them do, some of them are pretty young.
I did see one using a cell phone, and we have heard a cuss word or two.....we have also heard what sounds like Pennsylvania Dutch when they are talking just to each other so I'm still not sure! he is pulling off the gutters, just before he asked me for some wasp spray.
I'm telling you, if you want to work on a 100+ year old house, please DO NOT be allergic to wasps! We have now gone through about 9 cans of wasp spray, the builders brought their own, and these guys ended up bringing some of their own too!

Here are the roofer and Jim pulling down a gutter.

The "man lift" is pretty cool! I was sort of tempted to hand him a saw and have him take care of the dead branches in the pine tree....

Here is the house with the perlines on, see, a new word! The roof will be attached to these.
Aren't you excited?
no? Well that's okay, I'm excited enough for everyone!!

Here we have the brick guys all set up and ready to go!

Fair warning, you know there will be more pictures of the house this summer than there will be of quilts!


SkippyMom said...

Will happily look at any pics you wish to post. The house is very exciting and I love the door! I always wanted a red door.

Gran said...