Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I like socks.

especially funky (not funky stinky- funky cool) ones.

I had to grab this pair for myself, since I'm the Green Queen at our house. Too bad I didn't find any Green Princess ones for the girls!

For my birthday (yes, still dragging that up)
one of my friends gave me the socks on the left here. The mismatched socks are kinda silly since half of our socks end up that way anyway. My friend said she wouldn't be able to wear socks that didn't match, it would drive her crazy. Not me! When I was in college I just threw all my socks in one drawer and picked out two of them every morning without even looking.
Okay, like anyone would notice under jeans??? The tiny little sock shape package is socks that you add water to, and they grow.

and grow

and grow

And they grew into this!!!! Look at those demented cows!!!!
The really funny thing is I figured they would be some flimsy thin things, but they are heavy like athletic socks! demented.............. but heavy and warm!


Gran said...

Who has matched socks?!

Very funny, demented cow socks! LOL!

Susan Freebery said...

I didn't know socks were supposed to match. I thought that they sold them in pairs so that when you threw them into your drawer, it gave you more possibilities....