Thursday, August 20, 2009

odds and ends, this and that

I meant to post this picture of one of the Amish fellows hats when I was showing the house updates.
I sort of misplaced it in my computer files. I accidentally named it something else, but it's found now.
I kind of like the hat hanging there like that.

Do you think this is how Noah started?
I know I look a wee bit silly, but I had to try it out right away!
I have since tried it in water and believe me it works MUCH better! I can go a lot further. ;-)

Kim has issued a bit of a challenge. She noticed that her "sweat shop" was getting a bit out of hand and things were piled up on her quilt rack.
Well, for a little while I thought she had snuck into MY sewing room and taken a picture of mine. Yes, there IS a quilt rack under there!!! So, it's now my goal to get some of those projects finished so I can put an actual quilt on my rack.

Here is one thing done.
I had to change the straps on this bag, and I just put it off for too long.
I also found a shirt that needed ironing under there, but I guess Kim didn't think that counted.

Then as I was gearing up to really finish up some stuff, someone asked me to make a bag.
and we all know how I can't resist making a bag, so here is Debbie's baseball bag. She claims that it's the main reason her granddaughters team won at state this summer!
I'm planning to have more finishes to show soon!


Kim said...

Nice quit rack! LOL! Get busy!

Susan Freebery said...

Several things:

1. Are you kidding? That's a quilt rack??!! Get sewing!
2. The sweatshirt? When was the kayak photo taken? Where do you live? Alaska?
3. If you live in Alaska you should have a helmet and bullet-proof vest on just in case that crazy Sara Palin is lurking around.
4. Why did you have to change straps on that bag?
5. I love the Amish hat hanging there.

Greenmare said...

1.I know, I’m working on it! (slave driver)
2.On my birthday, in Wisconsin- yeah, we were probably colder than Alaska this July
4.I had used really flimsy webbing, and I had sewn a nice twist in it. Sigh. Don’t go for the cheap when it comes to webbing
5.Me too! But it would probably have been a big ole sin to steal an Amish hat………. Though, come to think of it, they never returned the pie plate I put their cookies on………………..

Anonymous said...

Hia thanks for visiting my blog. Yes the canal is about 3 ish miles from my house. When we do water sports though we go up to the Lake District about 1 -1 1/2 hours away. We use the canal a lot when walking the hounds.

Congratulations on having a finish. I hope you manage more. There's nothing like waking up one morning and knowing you can start something new as the decks are cleared of old stuff.