Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More house pictures!!!

Here are the brick layers working on the side of the house.
They were incredible!!! Honestly, it was like a ballet. They barely had to talk to each other, it was like they could read each others minds. Turns out that isn't so unlikely since they are brothers. They did such a wonderful job that if the mortar wasn't darker than our original stuff you could never tell where they added bricks.

The last of the soffits going up, the roof is almost done !!!
Do you see the Amish mans little boys watching?
Aren't they cute as buttons???
go ahead click on the pictures, they do get bigger!!!
Cookies for the roofers. We must keep their strength up, don't you think?

All done with the roof. One little Amish boy gets to ride with dad over to the big trailer to put the man lift away.
Guess what?? The back hall is almost done too!
Watch for some more pictures, we have most of the siding up and the WINDOW IS IN!!!!!


Susan Freebery said...

YOur house looks fabulous! I bet you are soooo excited, with the end so near. Great job collecting those bricks, by the way. Wonderful forethought ....

Jeanne said...

Isn't it great to see the progress on your house? The cookies were a nice touch, too.