Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you journal?

Back when I was in grade school, someone gave me a diary, it had a flowered cover and a tiny little lock with a tiny little key. It could be more easily opened with the end of a nail file however. ;-) At that time I was told to name my diary, and write in it daily, something like "Dear Debbie Diary". Even at age 8 I thought this was a bit lame.
I couldn't understand putting something personal in a diary that could be opened and read by just anyone! I mean, think of the private things that happen to an 8 year old! GASP!
So of course I wrote occasionally and changed the names to protect the innocent.
Still, that cute little book with the pretty cover had a place in my mind.
since then I have had several notebooks that I jotted things down in. The first picture shows three of them, the second is my favorite.
I can take this journal anywhere and be entertained. Not by the secret stories, but by the quotes and pictures and thoughts and ideas and such that I put in it.

I thought I'd share some of my the pages with you, it's more of an inspiration notebook than journal, but here and there are some journal entries too.
Lots of quilt ideas.......

I cut out pictures that inspire me to make quilts or paintings or bags or really anything that catches my eye.
If a particular quote or passage in a book intrigues me, that goes in a journal too.

I know that if it caught my eye once, there must be a reason and I'll probably want to do something with it someday.

I like these smaller journal type notebooks because the pages are a bit thicker than normal and when I glue things onto them they don't tend to wrinkle.

Here we have some table runner ideas.............

I love this pottery, it could translate into a wallhanging, or a table runner or a bag or maybe a painting.....


Gina said...

love the journals. I have a few like that where I glue all the pics that may inspire me in the future. they are great to look through when I'm stuck for ideas or colour combinations.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

paula, the quilter said...

Yes, I journal. Like you I add pictures from magazines and catalogs. I have painted pages and used paint chips. I draw in them. I am working on my 23rd book.

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for showing us your journals...I didn't notice anything top secret in there....maybe it was all in code! I used to write in a journal everyday for years and then suddenly stopped. I miss it sometimes. Maybe I need to use more visual images to keep me interested now?

Nicola said...

Looks wonderfully organised - I have so many precious pieces of paper and they are normally the back of an envelope, the margin of the boy's school newsletter or whatever I find that is handy. So well done.

Nicola in Australia

Sweet P said...

I have a love/hate relationship with journals. I love a brand new, blank journal with a pretty cover. I have several of them. Some of them have been written in, some are still blank. I never seem to have one with me when I want to doodle. And sometimes I stare at the stack of them and can't think of a single item to write about.

Chris said...

I carry a small notebook with me and I do have a small journal that I jot notes in from time to time. I like your approach with pictures pasted in your notebook. I'd love to get rid of all the magazines I've collected over the years.