Thursday, October 15, 2009

getting ready for Halloween

Please! excuse the quality of the picture!!! You would not believe what a person has to go through sometimes to get a picture on here! I have a lovely new camera which seems to be missing the patch cord to download the pictures to my laptop. so I took this one with my cell phone and sent it to the OCC (see guild notes at right) and sweet Flori emailed it back to me!!! the witch is more travelled than I am!!
The panel was a sweet gift from Kim... for finishing 3 or more UFOs last month. sadly I have not done that well this month. I ended up taking a break from my overcrowded quilt rack to work on baby quilts. then this cute thing came so I thought I should get it quilted and hung and well, you know how it goes!


Miss V said...

heya momma, i lovers our new Halloween hanging in the dining room lolol its beast

Susan Freebery said...

BEAST! Yes, that wall hanging is the beast! I love that you also suffer thing leads to another... Everyone around you profits when you have that!