Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does anyone MIND- or Can I have a brain please???

Here in NE WI, it's a bit chilly. Which on Oct 1st translates to: "cover your plants cause there is gonna be a frost tonight!"
And since the big guy doesn't particularly believe in turning the furnace on any too early............. yeah, it's a tad cool in the house.
My favorite solution to that, besides sneaking to the basement and turning on the furnace myself, is to bake.
And bake I will! See my lovely new oven? As my girls would say "I heart this oven". It's so different from my old one, all the burners work! How cool is that? well, actually it's more like how HOT is that! AND! The oven door stays in whatever position I put it in! I don't have to worry about it flopping open half way through a baking session!!! So, bake to my quest for a brain.............
I thought the best thing to make tonight would be potato bread. Yummy stuff, and I can use the proof option in the oven and start heating things up sooner! I got the bread mixed up and went to heat something else in the microwave and realized that the butter I had melted for the bread dough was sitting there. Well, shucks I can mix that in now. Okay add the melted butter, then add a bit more flour since now the dough is sticky. Let the dough go and wait for it to rise.
Well, gosh, it should be bigger than that by now and it SHOULD be ready for the oven! hello?
yeast! Bread dough NEEDS yeast, and guess what miss brilliant forgot to put in there?
yup, you are sure sharp tonight!
so I mixed the yeast with some warm water and made a paste and mixed THAT into the dough, along with a little more flour.................... sticky, yeah.
sigh. I hope this turns out.
I'll let you know. If not, could someone lend me a brain for a little while?


Howdy said...

LOL - oh my it would have been easier to go turn the furnace on!

Nice thing about bread is you can hardly mess it up too bad - it'll probably be the best bread you've ever made.

I use to do that whole Gee lets have muffins for breakfast in our house in MA. But this new old house has oil and so the furnace is always on... I don't have to wait on DH to go turn the gas boiler on anymore!

Susan Freebery said...

Did it work? I can't wait to hear. After all that, if the bread worked, the only thing I can say is you have an angel in your kitchen. Can I borrow her?

The Calico Cat said...

I'm still in "like" with my newish oven. It has 2 ovens actually, my only qualm - the bottom door opens to the floor! But it will stand open whereever you open it to, just like yours, so that is not all bad.

QuiltedSimple said...

Too funny! I made chocolate chip cookies one time and forgot the chocolate chips. Took the cookies out of the oven, mixed in the chips and we ended up with really. yummy. brownies. Now the kids ask for them all the time....