Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am NOT technically retarded, I can use my computers, my DVD player, my microwave, my programmable coffee maker, I've even managed to figure out my alarm clock.


I understood my last 3 phones, I had them figured out. This Razr (is that a stupid spelling or what??) is not my cup of tea, I'd rather have one that shaves my legs.

This one makes me feel like an idiot! My kids have all programmed their pictures and specific ringtones. They have taken pictures of flowers, quilts, houses, each other, and even hot dogs for me. Yes, you read that right, it's a loooooooooong story.
But can I even use the darn thing?
I had to actually read the novel that came with it to figure out how to turn it off the first day. And then, how to turn it back on!
Every time I try to answer a call I end up accidentally turning on the speaker phone, I have messages that I can't access, occasionally the darn thing TALKS to me! Yes! It actually tells me to say something! I tried telling it to shut up, but that didn't work too well. I tried asking it nicely to HELP ME but it didn't understand that either.
My sweet husband (whose bright idea it was to get several of us these phones) has promised to give me some remedial cell phone lessons tomorrow night.
gosh, I sooooooooooo cannot wait.
yep, that was sarcasm.


Kim said...

I know I'm becoming an anachronism, but I absolutely refuse to get a cell phone. So far. I hate talking on the phone, so I enjoy not being reachable occasionally. This, of course, allows me to be very, very superior to the idiot drivers who pay no attention to where they're going because they're too engrossed in their cell conversations! LOL! At one time, I did have a cell phone ages ago, and the only time I used it was occasionally on the way home to tell my husband to put the lasagna in the oven or call and order a pizza. Not worth the monthly fee! LOL!

swooze said...

I can relate. I used to laugh at my parents for not being able to figure out new technology. It wasn't so funny when I got my latest cell phone about 2 years ago. I always leave it on and it ran out of power and turned off. I charged it up and then had to ask a co-worker how to turn it on. So obvious but I couldn't figure it out. Sigh....he got a good laugh and I did call my folks to allow them to have a laugh as well.

Su Bee said...

Of course, I can only laugh because I've been there. My 3 year old granddaughter showed me how to use the DVD player. Really - we are NOT dim bulbs, any of us!

Kathy Wagner said...

I feel for you my friend! I am in the exact same boat! My DH tried to call me twice today and either I didn't hear it or it isn't working?? But I don't know how to answer it anyway!

atet said...

Ok, I shouldn't laugh. I really shouldn't. But well, I have to. I have empathy really -- but, it's just so darned funny! And because my Mom has had similar problems -- but hers are compounded because she bought herself a phone that, frankly, looks like it has more computing power than the laptop I had in 1995!

Susan Freebery said...

Just too funny, Mare! I can't wait to hear how "Remedial Razr 101" goes! I love it!

Rhonda said...

You're so funny...but I know what you mean. Why are some cell phones so complicated? My last one wound up getting dunked in the kitchen dish water by me. LOL
I felt so much better afterwards.