Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Not much sewing has been getting done this week. I think a new job will have that effect sometimes. Or is it the fact that I keep coming home to dirty dishes and such??

I love having my girls home for the summer

I love having my girls home for the summer

I love having my girls home for the summer

So, or SEW! here is my ONE teeny weeny sewing bit for the WEEK!!!
I am on the committee for planning my guild picnic this year (another of those "what was I thinking moments") We always do a theme, and then blocks to go with it. Then we draw names for the blocks. This years theme is Oriental, and I had this kimono block pattern from several (like 5 or 6) years ago when I met a Japanese quilter online. About time I tried it out huh?
Guild is tomorrow night so it's not like I waited until the last minute or anything~
There are a lot of minutes left, except I think I want to sleep for some of them, and then there is work, and possibly hug my daughters that I am so glad to have home for the summer. ;-)


Kim said...

I guess you're not talking about the guild you and your cousin have going then?! LOL! Who needs sleep anyway?

Leigh said...

That is so so cute.
Enjoy your girls. Ignore the dishes. :-))

JoAnna said...

Your block is adorable. It sounds like your picnic will be lots of fun!

swooze said...

Yes my kids are home with my dh now. My condolences on keeping up with the mess! Oh well, just sew and be happy! That is what they will remember...your happiness.

Kathy Wagner said...

Hope your new job is going well.
Enjoy the chaos and excitement of having the girls home! And the picnic! Too much fun :)

Meredith said...

I really like that block. I Guess I will have to add it to my wish list. Enjoy your time with the girls.

disa said...