Saturday, June 9, 2007


Happy Saturday everyone! Not much quilting getting done, but a teeny update on my flower gardens for you~ First is my pretty clematis. This would make a GREAT wall hanging! ;-)

Second is a pretty wild flower bouquet that my youngest daughter picked while we took our walk this morning.
Such a nice time when the air is so fresh, the breeze is nice, the sun is just coming up, a child and a dog to share it all with......To quote my favorite t-shirt... Life Is Good!

Next on our flower tour is our Mock Orange ... bush? tree? shrub? um, thingie? These smell good beyond belief! You can smell them all over our yard.

And last but not least is my budding photographer (who took all these gorgeous pictures for me) and one of my all time favorite flowers, a Peony.
I LOVE HOW THEY SMELL! Is there a flower that looks more lush? Okay, Hibiscus are gorgeous too, but the layers of ruffles on a Peony are just tooooooo incredible.
When I was growing up, we lived not far from a lake and there were quite a lot of summer people who had cabins, one lady in particular would come to our house and buy bouquets of Peonies because she loved how they scented her entire cabin.
Thanks for taking my flower tour!


paula, the quilter said...

The 'Nellie Moser' clematis is my favorite of all the clematis(es). Lovely!

Jeanne said...

Your photographer and flowers are all very pretty. I love peonies, too.

Leigh said...

Such good photography, well done dd!!
Don't you love the smell of mock orange, I love to have it in the house.

atet said...

Lovely photos of your flowers -- including the human one! You're right -- there is a wallhanging in the clematis.

Carole said...

Beautiful! I haven't been able to garden for a year now! I'm looking forward to planning summer 2008! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Freebery said...

DD is as beautiful as the flowers! Great job on the photographs, young lady!

swooze said...

The flowers are so pretty!

Alycia said...

Ohh Very pretty - I will come look at your pics when I am missing some flowers - ours never got planted...hmmm