Sunday, June 17, 2007

quilting my flower beds

Here is our east flower bed that my sweet husband has been helping me with. He is wonderful at lifting heavy rocks! ;-)

I'm showing it from two angles so you can see both additions.
It used to be just the little strip quilt of peonies in the middle, then I added the little flap of lavender and the sundial, then came the rock section with the metal thingie and the hostas. The flower bed quilt is growing nicely!

I know it's not sewing or quilting, but it's funny because it's the same process, you have to plan it out a bit, figure out your balance with size (height), color, texture, and then sometimes you just have to cut to fit at assembly.

The other flower bed analogy I came up with is for this picture. Sort of bizarre looking I know, but I'm killing the grass before I start digging any more. This is my version of landscape applique! First I started digging a free form shape (can't stand things to be symmetrical) then I did the edge finish a bit, by convincing that same sweetie to pour some concrete in my trough. I did some "embroidery" with marbles in the top of the concrete. And once my outline is done I plan to fill it in with some pretty flowers, a nice second bird bath (no waiting in line) and anything else that strikes my fancy. This one will start out small here, like a wall hanging, and I plan to add on to it until it's more like king size. Adding in the manner of quilt as you go!

I'm always so amazed that quilting is such a metaphor for all the aspects of life.

Plus it seems to take over life so easily! There was a time when I would see something and think,
"there's a painting in that", and now my first thought is, "there's a quilt in that"!


Leigh said...

Your yard looks beautiful. What a view!! I think your metal thingy is called an obelisque. See not just a pretty face hey? No response required,lol.
I think you should leave the new bed as it is. Not pruning or weeding required = more time for stitching!!!

Kim said...

Gee, maybe that's why so many quilters love to garden too! I hadn't looked at it that way. The nice thing about quilts, though, is that they don't grow weeds! Your garden looks lovely!

Carole said...

Wow, nice! I have an area under a tree that doesn't grow anything but weeds, and it's a sunny spot too! This year, no gardening for obvious reasons. So, my flowers beds are called Natural habitat for endangered weeds! lol Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

You're right about the flower garden being similar to a quilt. Your flower
bed is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.