Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beer Tour finish!

I did it! Monday night I finished my last three beers for the mini tour! And here is the t-shirt as promised!

See the picture Leigh? That's a Fosters there just for you! Just like the commercial says-
"Fosters, it's Australian for beer" (but read that with an Aussie accent)
all 25.4 ounces of it!!!!!!!!! slosh slosh slosh! My husband helped me drink this one, though I could have done it myself- I liked it better than the Shandy - beer with lemonade.

Meanwhile, I have been doing more than drink beer! I got all these brights cut out for my swap blocks......

I won't tell you how many of those strips are the WRONG length! I'm going to have a lot of my own blocks to go with all the swap ones! So, that's good right???

AND! I am finally doing the quilting on the jean monster! I'm not sure it really qualifies as quilting as there is no batting, but to go through the denim is hard enough for both me and my trusty Viking!

I couldn't fit this one on my sewing table, so I mentioned that I needed to move it down to the dining room table and when I got home I discovered that my sweetie husband had done it all for me! So I am sweating away working on it, yes, sweating- it's on the hot and humid side here in NE Wisconsin. But, as soon as I finish this monster I can go up to my sewing room which is semi air conditioned! Good incentive!!


Leigh said...

Streuth Mare, you are a legend mate, lol.
Don't tell anyone but only tourists drink Fosters. In my state it's VB, other states have their own beers too.
Semi-airconditioned??? Is that the window half open?? Lol.
Love the brights. Keep slogging on the jean monster, you'll get there ;-)

Kim said...

Congrats on the beer shirt-
Jean quilts arrrrr I've made 2 so far one for ds and one for my bed and now my son wants one- plus I have 2 purses cut out for dd and I. Maybe tomorrow. Today is hst making day. Will be my summer project- 100 a day should keep it real- considering I need almost 4,000 of them-lol.

swooze said...

Hmmm maybe you shouldn't drink beer and but your strips at the same time....

swooze said...

That should read "cut" your strips.