Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camping on the island

We had a GREAT weekend camping on the island. We found this little island years and years ago and have spent three separate wonderful weekends there. Real camping- ;-)
this is our island from the front, you can just see the tent kind of in the middle, we had the rain fly off at this time so it shows up more than when it has the nice dark cover.
We do the whole respect the land thing- take only memories, leave only footprints. Actually this time we took a few beer cans someone else left too, and of course a lot of pictures.

Sadly this was to be the last camp we can do there. Saturday night some nosy old bloke putted VERY slowly around the island checking us out, and sure enough- Sunday afternoon as we were packing up a DNR guy came and told us we can't camp on state land, that it really should be posted as such. I guess we were lucky that it hadn't been posted before. Still it was wonderful and we have the pictures to show!

Here I am with the canoe almost loaded-

Pitching the tent~

Jim and I in our camouflage! Hard to see us isn't it? ;-)

Making coffee- a necessity!!!!!

Supper on the fire- look good?


Me and my Corona! Life Is Good!

We got in a lovely canoe ride on Sunday morning when the weather settled down a bit. We saw many many beautiful water lilies, loons, a momma deer and her sweet little twins, beavers, tons (literally) of Canadian geese- which, by the way, are very lovely to look at as long as you don't have to walk through all their goose poop! I took notes for quilt blocks I want to make. I am in the beginning stages of another camper quilt- yes ANOTHER project.

This is a very old abandoned "party barge" (as we call them here) that has been half sunk on the edge of this island (not our island) since before we started camping in the area, 13 years ago. We are always intrigued by it. Our second daughter wrote a short story once about the haunted pontoon boat. Could there be a quilt here????

Home again, and here we found our -blond dog-, gosh it sure is a DOGS LIFE isn't it?

We all enjoy our porch!!!


Kairle said...

What an exciting adventure. So sad that you won't be able to camp there anymore.

Kim said...

You can't camp in state land??? Really? It's not a state park where you were?? I love the way you camp, my kind of camping- looks like you had a great time :)
anytime you want to come out and play with wool, you are welcome to come .....

swooze said...

Neat pictures! Thanks for sharing. What a shame you can't camp on your island any longer. I would like it as you wouldn't have to worry about as many critters out there!

Leigh said...

Ok very funny. Now you can post the real picture, you know the one with you and Jim actually in it, cos I couldn't see you two in that photo any where.

Your island looks beautiful. Maybe if you stayed in our camouflage gear the whole time you could sneak back next year without being noticed. ;-)

Kim said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful, relaxing time!

Floss said...

What a lovely place to camp, to bad that you can't camp there again, hope you find another nice little spot.

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, my gosh the photos are so beautiful!!! I loved every one of them. I WOULD go there with you, really I would!

Kathy Wagner said...

LOVED the camping photos!
You sure do "rough it" more than I do! I'm too old and creeky to sleep on the ground anymore :)