Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Doggy Tales

Pineapple muffins! Yes, I'm still doing the muffin thing. One of my favorite SNL quotes, "Pineapple, it's neither a pine nor an apple-- discuss"
Make sure you read that with a Jewish accent.
See these socks? My sweetie brought them to me at work today. Does this seem like a strange work present?
Well a couple of weeks ago I hemmed and hawwed and finally came out with "Well, maybe we should think about getting another dog."
You know that commercial where the wife comes in and says "Well maybe we should get a new TV" and the husband goes flying out of the house like his tail is on fire? Well, that was how Jim reacted. See he has been ready for a few months now, and trying to nudge me along but I wasn't having any of it. I didn't even go see our friends new "adorable puppies". Nope, nothing doing.
well............ maybe. Then last week Vanessa convinced me to go to the animal shelter to look. Here is Nakita. She really is a sweetie, and she is winning me over. We got to play with her for a while today in a visiting room and when the shelter lady came to take her back she said "Well! Nakita, this is a different attitude for you." Ever on the alert I asked what she meant and she explained that with everyone else so far Nakita had been very shy and stand offish. I guess when a dog this size tries to sit on my lap I can't complain about her being stand offish! I did explain to her that I was pretty sure she wasn't a lap dog though and the floor might be a better option for both of us. Whereupon she rolled over and begged for a tummy scratch.
And then we have my latest needle felted creations.

Someone asked about the process. I did these just with my felting needles and dry roving. I did get most of my roving online, which is totally dangerous. Why do I let myself shop online? It doesn't feel like real shopping, it's more like winning!! And then getting a present in the mail!! woo hoo!

and Granny, your package is headed to Alaska tomorrow!!!


Morah said...

Mmmmm....muffins! I can't eat them any more....or anything else good for that matter. Have one for me please! Keep posting pictures, I'll live vicariously through your photos!

Sarah Nopp said...

I will send you doggy cookies if you send me muffins!

loulee1 said...

Go on, you know you want to. Nakita knows it too! She's a lovely looking dog. Not sure I'd want her trying to get on my lap though. LOL

Gina said...

I love the look o fthe dog. I'd say go for it. She obviiously likes the look of you and very often it's the dog that chooses it's owner. Stanley did with us

love and hugs xxx

Gizmo said...

Great muffins!!
You've been chosen! What's taking you so long to get your new girl settled?? ;)
I'll email you a link for roving (and needles)....and some other great felting items. ;)

Pat said...

more yummy muffins...and doughnuts, too. At least the doughnut won't add to the hips! :)

Nakita looks like a sweetie and I agree with Gina...our Daisy dog picked us to be her family and sounds like Nakita has picked y'all for her new family :)

Susan Freebery said...

Nakita - I think she is a winner. Especially if she got on your lap! I love the cinnamon bun and donut! You are really going to town, there, aren't you? And I, well, I am going to NY in a few hours. Looks pretty cold up there. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

What a handsome dog. It must have been very rewarding to see her taking to you. Good luck with your decision.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome dog. It must have been very rewarding to see her taking to you. Good luck with your decision.