Friday, April 4, 2008


What a great week for mail! First is some COOL fabric that Brenda in Canada sent me!!! The lipsticks will be great for a makeup bag! Of course anyone who knows me would fall off their chair laughing to think that I actually know what lipstick is. I'm not a real big makeup person and I don't actually remember to put lipstick on unless it's a pretty important occasion. I do remember putting it on for our wedding, but that might have been because my mother brought all that stuff and handed it to me. I'm pretty sure I've worn it once or twice since, but I can't be certain. Anyway the fabric is so cute I might actually be inspired to try it again! But check out the green fabric!!! Brenda's mom hand dyed it!!! It's soooooo gorgeous and it's going to be great for applique. I have been trying to email Brenda to tell her how thrilled I am but they keep coming back. I'll have to resort to smoke signals and pony express.
All this lovely booty because I sent her some fabric with words on it! Who'd a thunk?

Now for the catch up on my gifts from my guild secret pal!!! I was waaaaaaaaaay behind since I haven't actually made a meeting since November. I'm pretty sure they all think I'm dead by now. My secret pal has been giving me these cute little patterns. Now I'm not a huge pattern person, but these things are growing on me, and instead of making each little item I'm going to use the ideas to make a wallhanging for the year. Some of them are coming with CUTE buttons and she always throws in some pretty fabric too. See those cute socks???? I missed wearing them in December so I'll probably have to try them out now in April. - see former blog about my dork-ness. There was also some chocolate which I already shared with people at work. They were a bit concerned looking when I put it in the candy jar, but I explained that it was "dark chocolate, it's good for you". I'm pretty sure from the chuckles that they also think I'm a dork. So those are my lovelies for this week!!!
tra la la la la la la
tra la la la la
And Happy Dance!


Susan Freebery said...

Happy, happy dance down here too! Only six more days till the Quilt Fest! I can't wait!

Susan Freebery said...

Am I also correct in assuming I don't need to dig out my lipstick for the quilt fest in Chicago this weekend? I vaguely remember purchasing one about 10 or 12 years ago. Do you think it is still safe to use? Probably not, so I guess I will meet you with naked lips and probably no coat or socks. Sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? Typical, sorry.

Teresa said...

Oh, I like those little patterns - you've got a great secret sis!

swooze said...

May I take your three pennies pic from your blog?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love4 all the bags you have been making lately...the cow one is right up my alley!!
Great pic your girl, I would be there getting that picture as well!
Loved the "I can be a dork if I want to quote"...and yes, wasted if not on a wall hanging!
I am very good at your type of "finishes' myself right now-need to get some of those projects finished but think I caught your QADD!
3 pennied idea is great, they fazed one and two cent pieces out here a few years a go...I would have to go a 5 cent!!

Susan Freebery said...

how many sleeps left?